• Mea or Chicken Curry
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    Classic Indian Curry with Meat or Chicken

    Call it “Curry 101.” This recipe taught us how to blend aromatics and spices into a savory paste—the secret to a classic Indian curry. This paste can flavor meat or chicken, and makes a bright sauce with chopped tomatoes or a smooth and tangy sauce with yogurt. No matter which variation—whether red or golden brown—this curry rivals authentic Indian take-away. We say “take-away” because that’s what they do in the UK, the source of this recipe. Brits love Indian food (some say chicken tikka masala outsells fish ‘n chips) and this recipe comes from Cooking the Indian Way published in London in 1962. And as much as we idolize Madhur Jaffrey, the Godmother of…

  • Lamb,  Middle Eastern

    Gimme Kibbee!

    This baked version of the Middle Eastern classic is more a meat cake than the little fried footballs called  “kibbeh” (which means “ball” in Arabic). With the slight chewiness of a cookie bar, cinnamon-spiced kibbee slices into diamonds of cracked wheat, ground lamb and toasted pine nuts. Yes, they’re savory, but they also feel kind of like dessert. The passion for kibbee crosses borders in the Middle East. Both Arabs and Israelis claim it and have created as many variations as failed peace accords. This version probably has roots in Lebanon or Syria because it suggests yogurt on the side, a no-no in Israel. However, we also serve it with tahini sauce or mango…